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  • Figure out how the blogs are posted to the website
  • Update/Original posts about the shirts that are in stock
  • Post about the shirts that are designed but not in stock
  • Get an opening event scheduled and make it happen
  • Research, vet, and choose some local services/suppliers
  • Spend chunks of time with less regard to fully accomplishing tasks in one moment (keep momentum)

Lately, I’ve been focused on big accomplishments with little to no celebration for the small steps. This is about this business, IntendtoLive, and other goals in life. I’ve got a few images burned into my heart and mind. First is a tree. It needs time and nourishment to grow.  With time and care, it can become the tree and produce the fruit it was meant to. Second is a chain. Many small links have to be created and be strong in order to put together a chain. Every link matters to the integrity and strength of the chain. Then the chain can be a tool and be put to use.

I’m glad to realize that I need to enjoy the small steps on the hike of life. This blog is one small step that I’ve happy to update to my content. 

Luke 19:17 says, ” ‘Well done, my good servant!’ his master replied. ‘Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.’

I love how applicable and practical the Bible is.

  • If you’ll do some small things right, the big things will fall into place
  • If you save up money in small amounts, you’ll end up with a larger amount to use later
  • If you eat healthily more often, you’ll end up being healthier and in a better physical condition

Do the small things right and celebrate, rejoice, in doing the small things. They’ll add up!

Intend to Live. Live life well now and live for eternity.